time-waits-for-no-onee inquired whats the music on your blog? i really like it. i love your artwork too. much love xx

Hello :)) thank you soo much <3! The music on my blog is from my favorite album of this earth called The Most Wonderfulest Thing by satanstompingcaterpillars (now know as Black Moth Super Rainbow). But this album can be found on youtube, and its really a sweet secret and a rare gem to find! There was only 100 copies ever sold of this album. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79reTJpZnmc

Enjoy :)!



Hey you guys, I made a Instagram. It would be lovely to get some familiar faces following me. My username is oslaYzara. Follow me <3

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Finished 9 out of the 100 little envelopes for my pins right now!! So excited for these little babies to find homes . They are scanned from the front to back. Rare goodies, for real! Made with lots of luv!

-osla de oslaYzara, over and out.

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Completed Dec.5, 2013 for oslaYzara

(2-3 days working on it, in my free time)

12in x 12in drawing. 4 squares, placed together in a puzzle.

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hand colored stickers by oslaYzara. 
they will be available for ordering through our bandcamp pretty soon!

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out on the sea. (transparent paper series)

by janeth davalos(osla xoiha); find me: Tumblr. Facebook. Flickr.

Started and finished 17 of November.

Created by Janeth Davalos(Osla Xoiha) of oslaYzara

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flower child by Janeth Davalos

Heart gif by Janeth Davalos

cuatro by osla of oslaYzara

transparent image