Gypsy Mandela Meditation, collage created by me at 3:03am.

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lady daydream by me, personal favorites

thank you soooo much caelmoon, for making this possible!!image

mountain maiden by me

inside your web by me

sunshine heart by me

Eerie Lullaby by me

Frida is a Goddess by me

My name is Janeth Davalos, born on April.28, 1994, sometimes I go by the name of “Osla Xoiha”, I am a visionary artist born in Dallas, Texas. My art has been described as “ethereal imagery”, inspired by our ancient ancestors of the past as I admire the use of symmetry and patience in my creation process. I have a very childlike expression when I create art. I let everything flow from my mind, never allowing anything to interfere with my thoughts. I don’t always sketch, but rather start from someplace and work from there. I like to be surprised by the way the artwork will take me, it’s like traveling through layers of your spirit. Always finding a spot to keep you rejuvenated and connected to your own higher self. When it begins to form something, I can then establish a clear connection to a piece. I gain a lot of understanding, knowledge, and patience and from what truly inspires me is symmetry, others with similar dreams for a brighter future, and the ancients of our past. I feel a deep rooted connection to a lost civilization, never hath discovered. I have always treasured art during my childhood, but I never got the availability to enroll in any classes for art. I would always feel such a passion for creating; making things with my hands often. In the summer of my sophomore year in high-school (2010) I finally started seeing and believing saying to myself “I can create art, without instruction, I do believe” and I did. I proved to myself, to my heart, to my nature that it was always within me and ever since I have been too grateful for my gift. Art allowed me to express feelings I never had the light of day to grow from as a child. I longed for a place of my own, to escape from the burdens of my childhood. My art became the center for my raw purity of love for humanity. “God has a voice she speaks through me. Everyone has love to give, our hearts will teach us how to live” - CocoRosie. By incorporating inspirations from music I would fulfill my dream, my promise. I longed for inspirations sharing true beautiful vowels; speaking solely of truth and justice of poetry in all forms. I always felt it as a type of collaboration, a synergy of energies. I needed to feel I connected to nature, to beings, to the universe in it’s cosmic point or nothing would make sense. I have such a love to share and give to the world my light that was suppressed from childhood. I use it in a attempt to cure those long lost feelings; to spread them to a public that can enjoy them and reflect back upon themselves. Symmetry is involved in my purpose for everyone to feel connected. We are all one, we are all together. We are all destined for something far greater! Love is in our hearts, and it’s the only greater good for this world. Art is needed to establish unity, to learn from one another and to grow whole together. It’s the fruit of every persons spirit, whatever it takes it’s form in. We all can create beautiful melodies. Just believe and all will come to you. Just have faith and the universe will align with you if you do. Find your place, and all will be well that’s what I always felt. So this is the way I try to share my idea, through my art. Thank you all who are reading. I hope to grow with you all.

tried drawing myself, a girl of many talents