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" The lesson is to spread love all around you, not fear. Let love glow in the air because it’s all that matters and will shape the world in which we are currently existing. Everywhere, so that your fruit may penetrate every part of your being, you are whole. You are one with everyone, nature itself. We are all connected. No matter how you feel, we are all together. We are all destined for something far greater. We are the fruit, oh we can all love one another and let us not be taken in by temptation. I love everyone and I want to radiate as my spirit. "
by osla xoiha (via aliceglass)


first time singing a full song. Moth Face ( fizzyvater ) on Drums, and I Aurora singing.

lyrics will be:

“I…I , I see you. I, feel you, cause I, I see you, You bring me in you. Cause I, I do. I, I do. Oooooo…I see you. Cause I see you, ooooo…I, I loved you. Ooooo..

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little illustration

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Some cut outs and collages I made in Italy

Flower Gathering in the mountains of South Italy

The Roman Goddess of the Flowers. Flora(Floralia), celebrated on April.28

Drawing by Janeth Davalos